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Pindare's Films

Our team of filmmakers have released multiple feature documentaries, which are now available on streaming platforms across the world.

Become Who You Are

An award-winning documentary taking place at the 24 Hours of Le mans in France. Fast paced and intimate, the film follows the lives of four racing drivers: Scott Dixon, Bruno Senna, Memo Rojas and Jules Gounon on and off the track.


Hanford charts the history of the Hanford site from before its creation to the present, recounting stories from WW2 through the cold war and today's clean up efforts. Discover untold tales of secrecy and daily life in the former government town of Richland.

Do Something Extraordinary

The upcoming Mini-Series about Gabe Tesch, a brain cancer survivor, turned racing driver. Follow his racing journey as he climbs the motorsport ladder from the bottom to the top! "God gave me the strength and courage to battle 48 weeks of chemotherapy, not just to survive, but to show me I can do something extraordinary!"

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