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Virginie Dulauroy

Virginie is the founder of Pindare. 
She is experienced in motorsport, in corporate videos and has worked over the last decade mainly in Endurance racing. 
She is creative, passionate, perfectionist, dedicated to her work and grateful for her life. 
Virginie moved 7 years ago to the US where she lives with her 3 kids. She loves to meet people, to have new challenges, and she never takes "no" as an answer.


Jesse Lucas

Jesse Lucas is a videographer and drone pilot for Pindare Films based in West Richland, Washington. Jesse takes beautiful footage and provides creative viewpoints in order to tell a story in the world of documentaries, real-estate, and local business needs. 
Jesse served over 14 years as an infantryman in the US Army and National Guard which allowed him to travel all over the word; giving him a unique perspective looking through the lens. He has worked on several projects including Pindare Films' “Become Who You Are”. 
Jesse who was born and raised in Montana, is an avid outdoorsman 
and loves a good piece of pie.


Augustin Dulauroy

Augustin is a young, dynamic and creative photographer and videographer. 
He started to take photos at the 
age of 7 with his panasonic GF-1. He loves to learn and he is qualified in sounds engineering, photos and videos. At the age of 15, Augustin already shots massive motorsport events with his Lumix G9 such as Le Mans 24 and Ayrton Senna's tribute in Brazil. He traveled to Europe, US and Latin America to cover several events. Augustin went to Red Bull Ring, Le Mans, Laguna Seca, COTA, Paul Ricard, Interlagos, Mexico and more, but his favorite track remains COTA for the ambience!

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